Documentaries and the Art of Propaganda

July 5th, 2013

Documentaries And The Art of Propaganda

How To Dissect An Idea On The Silver Screen
Documentary filmmaking is a way to gain new ground in a popular or obscure subject matter. Moreover, documentary films are ways to enlighten, educate, shock or reveal information to a wide audience. In this sense, documentary films can fit into one of three categories. First, there are films that are in favor of a subject, which means the Read the rest of this entry »

The Bourne Legacy : Adding to the Trilogy

May 8th, 2013

“The Bourne Legacy” is the fourth installment of the wildly popular and exciting Bourne series. Although character Jason Bourne is not actually in “The Bourne Legacy,” his image and name are featured in the film numerous times.

In the action film, Aaron Cross, a participant in a genetically-enhanced black ops program, goes on the run after the actions of Bourne cause the downfall of Operations Blackbriar and Treadstone.

Most of the film was done in New York, but some scenes were filmed in Canada, the Philippines and South Korea.

The film received mixed critical Read the rest of this entry »

This Year’s Movies – End of the World

January 29th, 2013

Every year, movies follow a trend. You might not realize it when it’s happening but there is a certain “flavor of the month” quality to the way in which movies trend each year.

There are plenty of sites online that demonstrate this and you can even pull up last year’s greats on Direct TV and see for yourself. Last year, the trend was anguish and hope. This year, the end of the world seems to be on a lot of people’s minds.

After Earth – 06/07/2013
Starring father and son duo Will and Jaden Smith, After Earth centers around a crash landing on Earth 1,000 years after a terrible calamity drove all the humans off world. With Cypher (Will) injured in the crash, Kitai (Jaden) must make a perilous journey through an Earth that has moved on past humanity.

Oblivion – 04/12/2013
Starring Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, the film follows the last drone repairman stationed on Earth. His job is to extract valuable resources for the inevitable return of humanity to the war-torn planet. What he doesn’t realize is that while humanity might be mostly absent from the world – treachery isn’t.

The Croods – 03/22/2013
A kid’s movie coming out by Dreamworks, The Croods is about a family of cave people attempting to weather and survive a perilous journey described as “the end of the world.”

The Art of Computer Animated Films

July 8th, 2012

The Art of Computer Animated Films
The days of hand drawn cartoon movies have long since been forgotten with the increasing popularity of computer animated films. The strenuous efforts of cartoonist producing hundreds of still frames manually have now been transformed into the art of computer animating in today’s digital world. With each new film released, the graphics and realism bring the audience of both young and old closer to the action of these fictional characters.

What makes computer animated films so special?
Movies such as Rio, Shrek, Read the rest of this entry »

The Twilight Saga Phenomenon and The Next Generation

July 4th, 2012

Every generation of movie goers is entitled to a hugely popular movie franchise. The most current phenomenon is known as the Twilight Saga.

The Twilight Saga follows heroine Bella Swan, her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen. Bella’s relationship with Edward is the source of conflict for the first half of the Twilight Saga because she is human.

Constantly in danger from the attack of vampires, Edward and Bella separate during the second installment, allowing for the expanded role of Jacob Black, a second love interest for Read the rest of this entry »

Inception : What Does The Ending Mean?

July 3rd, 2012

Director Christopher Nolan’s 2010 action/science-fiction film ‘Inception’ is considered by many to be a real head-scratcher; especially when it comes to the ending.

In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character named Cobb and his fellow dream thieves have personal items which help them to realize if their in a dream or not. Cobb carries around a top. If he spins it and it topples over after a time, then he’s awake in reality. However, if the top doesn’t stop spinning, then he’s in a dream. During the duration Read the rest of this entry »

The Rise of the Comic Book Movie Era

July 2nd, 2012

With The Avengers breaking records earlier this year and the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man just itching to go one better, it looks like the era of the comic book movie has just begun.

Right before The Avengers was released actor Mark Ruffalo signed a 6-picture deal to play the Hulk, making it likely The Green One will appear in his own sequel, an Avengers sequel, and perhaps a Read the rest of this entry »

Who’s Next? Up and Coming Actors and Actresses

June 28th, 2012

The world of film and television always offers us a nice revolving door of actors and actresses. While some maintain a legendary status, there is always room for those who are just entering the ring to show off their acting skills.

Aubrey Plaza broke into the scene playing the dead-panned intern in the show Parks and Recreation. Alongside an eclectic cast consisting of comedian Aziz Ansari and ‘Saturday Night Live’ icon Amy Poehler, she blended brilliantly.

Liam Hemsworth earned one of the Read the rest of this entry »